Unichem Solution is a company has experienced team in the chemical industry. It has developed itself in wholesale chemical end products and in the turnkey setup of chemical product production lines and organized itself according to this goal.

As Unichem Solution, we present our products by taking into consideration the wishes of the customers and deliver products to our customers quickly. We continuously update our knowledge on the content of chemical products, ways of production, current technologies used, appropriate product markets, and we transfer this information to our production processes.

What we are doing?

Turnkey Chemical Production Lines

We produce machines required for the production of all chemical products according to capacity needs and perform their turnkey installation. By design these lines in accordance with the production area, we provide earn of our customers from the way and area.

Chemical Product Sale

As Unichem Solution, we do wholesale of chemical products. We provide products are delivered to customers quickly by making a good procurement plan.


In the production area, we train about production line machinery operators to provide easy usage.

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